Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etching plate proof

I had some fun stopping for a moment and firing up my kiln over the last weekend and then thanks to a a small bout of insomnia finding some time to bite a plate and run off a proof on the etching press. I'm very happy with the glaze results I got on these two sculptures below, I think I have finally figured out a good method of controlling the firing down phase of the kiln to control it's rate to help my glazes to develop more. Take a look at some of the detail close ups, and be sure to click on them to enlarge and see some of the nice glaze results I got. The etching print I like also, I had fun with the mark making on this plate. I think I could of taken it a bit farther, but it still works rather well for me. My acid is on it's last leg though, no much bite left to it. Hopefully the acid fairy will stop by and leave a new batch for me, Ronnie, you listening?

Fired up the Kiln