Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty

Well, it's official, my wife has turned me into a complete sap. We rescued a poor little stray kitten a couple of weeks back, she had been hanging out at an office building just around the block and we were leaving a can of cat food for her each day. One day, against my better judgement, we were able to catch her. So I guess we've got ourselves a cat now. She was pretty skinny except for her belly full of worms, but we've got that all cleared up now, and she's starting to put on some weight. We've named her Zen, "Zen Fay Pierro", Zen because she's very calming to watch, the world seems to melt away, Fay because we got her off the street before the tropical storm Fay came to town and rained for days. Now, if I can only get our dog Duncan not to kill the poor thing. She is sweet though......... See I'm getting really sappy here. 

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