Saturday, October 25, 2008

Posted new/old work on my website

A few years ago I started messing around in Maya, which I really enjoyed, and thought I might be able to pursue a position in, somewhere? But after a few interviews with some studios, I realized that having no real experience, and little training was not going to get me very far. By that Time I had already gotten the bug to pursue my other work Pen & Ink drawings and Sculpture. I did enjoy working in Maya to come up with designs for a story of my own, something I hope one day to stop and return to finish. If your interested in seeing some more of this stuff, I've posted some of it on my website here 3-D Modeling

I also posted some visual development work I did back at Disney for a small side project that died one day because of production demands. The story took place on a wall and was told by the animated cave drawings that lived there, the story was base on the story of "King Lair". This is a panel of thumbnails I did to get some idea of the wall layout, and color. See more here  Cave Art

A little over a year ago I spent some time working with a good friend of mine, here in Orlando. Xin Lin, pronounced "shinyee", a former background painter at Disney who grew up in China. Xin has many stories of what it was like to grow up in Communist China under Mao and the communist party. I'm glad I took sometime to get back to the basics with Xin, and would like to make sometime to do more work with him. Anyhow you can see more drawings and some other stuff here. Drawing & Painting

I've also posted some examples of my digital illustration,which has been off and on work for me, but at the present moment is on. I'll be posting some new work pretty soon after I finish it up for an up coming book title "Shadow of the Dark Angel" written by Gene O'Neill and is being published By Roy Robbins at Bad Moon Books
You can see more illustration work here Digital Illustration

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cool stuff man!....I would love to see your illustrations animated.