Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to sculpting

A friend of mine, Tom Thorspecken asked if he could come over and sketch me while I was working on a sculpture. Tom is an extremely talented artist living here in Orlando Fl., and since the beginning of the year has been doing a sketch a day and posting them on his blog. While most of us may cringe at the thought of trying to tackle complicated and cluttered scenes, Tom revels in them and dives in with little trepidation. Along with a loose and carefree style of documenting all in his point of view, Tom has been writing the most wonderful, stories of his sketching adventures, that I find very entertaining and sometimes informative. You can see his sketchbook chronicles at his sketch blog here
I'd like to thank Tom for giving me the jolt I needed to make some time to get back to playing with clay, and also for finding me to be Sketch Blog worthy. 
I'll talk about the sculpture next weekend when I hope to have it finished up, Let's go for one sculpture a week, that shouldn't be too hard to manage? we'll see...... 


jriggity said...

Very cool!

I cant imagine tackeling 1 sculpt a least not with my schedule. Its so cool how much artwork your produceing.

good Luck!! and I cant wait to see it.


John Pierro said...

Justin, thanks for being such a blog loyal visitor, and for taking the time in your busy schedule to leave you supportive comments. I guess I have volunteered myself for this one a week challenge. thanks for the wishing of luck, I just might need it.
Hey what's jriggity mean?

jriggity said...


I get to go away inspired and apply it to my own work on a regular basis...Ha!

as for of my rap- friends Used to call me jUS-T iggity.{as in tigger} Due to the ammount of bounce- energy I had.

Then it migrated to Jriggity somehow....and Stuck- I think the R -iggity came from my last name..Rasch.

thats only explanation I gots..


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