Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fun with Maya

Here's a little piece I threw together with a small piece of animation I did awhile back when I was getting familar with the rig the students in the fundamentals of animation class use at Full Sail. I'm having fun learning more and more these days to be able to work on my development and animation reel for my story with good old Timmy Fifel. I think the New Years resolution for next year will be to model and rig him and start animating him in an environment.


jriggity said...


Animation on Johns blog...saweet!

great concept....and I can clearly see your educated understanding of timing and spaceing.



John Pierro said...

Thanks Justin, I started working in a new class at school this month, and needed a meet and greet piece to introduce myself to the kids on the first day. So I grabbed what I had lying around and put that together.