Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Clay Stuff

I got myself back into the studio today to finish up two pieces that have been neglected for a couple of weeks now. I think if I focused on one thing I could probably be really great at what I chose to do, but that apparently is not going to be the case with my life. So my only hope is that I live a long time so I can pull together all of the misfit, half baked, creations.
I like the mask, with the hole drilled in threw the bridge of the nose to add something after glazing and firing. I do plan on exploring this avenue more and add sort of a head dress to the ceramic masks that I make. I'd like to incorporate metal, wood, and other materials in the future.
This other sculpture, another one in the series of man and woman growing together theme, is interesting. I've attached them to the top of a vessel I threw. I like how the two forms are incomplete, fluid, and somewhat broken, but still beautiful. The male figure is playing a supporting role in this one, but they are both in the struggle together. I'm excited to get this one fired and glazed, because I can't wait to see it with flowers coming out of it's cracked and open forms.

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Jacque said...

I really like these pieces babe, I can't wait to put them up on our website store. Keep going, we need more inventory.