Sunday, July 3, 2011

Timmy Skeleton walks

Ok, here's a fun test I did with Timmy's skeleton that I rigged up yesterday. It started off with some sketches to figure out Timmy's anatomy a bit. Then came the model, truth be told, I used a really bad base skeleton model from work and tweaked it out. Then for some reason I decided to rig it saying that it would be cool to animate it. Can you say compulsive? I guess I'll tinker a bit with animating this in hopes I can understand how I want my boy Timmy modeled and rigged. This is not the way he will walk, but it was just fun to test out the rig that I built, since it's the first one I have done, I wanted to see how bad of a job I did. It works pretty well though. Think I'll tweak a few things to give him more flexibility, but not bad.


Jacque said...

Looking really good for your first rig and animating Timmey. I love seeing your boy Timmey come to life!

jriggity said...

Holy COW!! Animation !!!!

now were talking man...I am so excited to see what you come up with.