Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pen & Ink continues

Well my 2 weeks of freedom is up, but I did enjoy my time at home, stealing every moment I could away from the holidays to work on some of my stuff. I did get a chance to spend some time with a drawing I had started awhile back. I spent enough time to get myself back into the groove of widdle-ing away at one of my drawings that I love to do so much. Life is about living in the now, the moment. When I spend a few hours with one of my drawings, it helps me to be present and focused unlike any other thing that I do. Now if I could find a way to keep this bean of mine focused that well when I go out into that world, and mix with those humans:)


jriggity said...


man this is really bueatifull.
I really love it.

me and shel got alot of ART time this vacation too. It was so pleasant. Almost forgot how much I love to sculpt.


John Pierro said...

Thanks Justin, always nice hearing from you. Life is good............. but you already know that:)

Jacque said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS babe!

Mattson Tomlin said...

wow those are gorgeous.