Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.....and ink in unfailing supplies...

This year I will be embarking on a journey and starting another blog. "And ink in unfailing supplies"Fueled by a number of inspiring artistic influences, namely Justin and Shel Rasch at Stop Motion Mission, and Tom Thorspecken at Analog artist Digital World and specifically his newest blog pursuit, South by North West, a blog he has started working with another artist who lives up in Seattle. Their idea is to have a visual dialog with their sketches sounded like great fun. I have been really enjoying myself by getting back into my pen and ink drawings, and wanted to push myself artistically in hopes of carving my artistic path a little deeper into the untamed and uncharted wild of the unknown. I guess the seed that was planted by Tom's new blog grew into the bold proposition that I wrote to another one of my inspirations, Richard Kirk about. I decide to invite him to join me in posting a drawing a week each for the next 52 weeks. We will both take turns posting what Richard has termed a "text seed", which will grow into our drawings for the week. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work this closely with such a talented and inspiring artist, that I know will inspire me to do great work, and hopefully I can return the favor and do the same for him. Check out Richard's website and I think you will see my point, and visit his blog also.

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jriggity said...

Its bookmarked and Im very excited to see what you guys come up with!!