Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Timmy 1611- Layout

Ok, here's my next installment of my test. I consider this my layout pass. Very quick poses to stage the character and work with the camera and timing of the shot. I did reanimate my camera to pull in closer to better stage the action. Nothing else is really animated at this point, this would be the starting point to begin animation. I would suggest that when working on your own shots, that you should take time and tie down your camera and staging, and then work hard to stay within the boundaries you have created to make your shot work. That is what production will be like and you will learn a lot by working hard to make that animation work within those set up parameters. Not to mention, you will not go around and around adding more and more to your shot, which most of us are guilty of. By the way, did I say how important concepting and pre-production is before you dive into your product is ? Well now I did ;)

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