Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1611 Project Timmy

So here's my concept pass and some reference with a quick pass to analyze it and a look at the quick rigging job I did on the thang flying. Yes, I said thang. Again I'm using a painting from my one a day challenge, this painting really nails the feeling of the world my little guy lives in. The main creature element in this painting was in the original story, and he visited me in a very vivid dream years ago when I was writing and doing some visual development on the project. The model he flies on is something based on a pen & ink drawing I had modeled awhile back when I was trying to interpret my drawings into 3-D to bring into Timmy's world. Below this is a concept test I did years ago to rough out that creature and visualize who it might look and move. It's a simple primitive block out , rigged & animated quickly with a few effects to texture & dirty it up.

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