Monday, November 24, 2008

Dark Angel Slump

Well, I opened the kiln this morning and found that the Dark Angel sculpture slumped quite a bit during the glaze firing. I thought he might slump backwards, that's why he has those little feet coming off the bottom of his wings, to help give him support. I guess I've got another head scratcher on my hands, plenty of thoughts about why it happened that I won't bore you with. If you look at the sculpture unfired he has a bit of a backwards lean..... Oh well, I'm never quite sure what goes on inside of that kiln. 


jriggity said...

Painfull dood!

it sucks when the integrity of an art piece gets altered...

i can assure you still looks great!

how do you get it all shiny and glossy?


John Pierro said...

Thanks Justin, the shine is just the glaze I'm using. On this piece I'm using two different glazes. The black shiny glaze as the base, and then I spray on a rusty matt glaze that brings out the red color. Depending on how much of the matt glaze I put on, I can get more red and even some yellow to develop. My sculptures are all ceramic and I like to use glaze to finish them. I have a long way to go to learn enough about glazing and firing to actually know what the heck I'm doing though. Thanks for lookin'