Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is a piece in progress, which like most of my work makes me stop and scratch my head from time to time. I had this really fun idea in my mind that this sculpture, "Unforeseen obstacle" would look great if I constructed this light box with a thick piece of plexiglass that came up out of it (the "Unforeseen Obstacle"). You would turn on the light and the whole piece of plexi would glow (illuminating the "Unforeseen Obstacle"). Well as you can see only the edges of the glass glow. Which in the top pic, in the light, hardly seem worth the trouble. So, now I'm back to scratching my head to figure out if I should do something else. 

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Richard A. Kirk said...

This is an amazingly cool idea. I love the idea of the lit barrier. I can't wait to see the full expression of this. It would be fantastic in the dark.