Friday, August 12, 2016

3rd Pass - Breakdowns

Ok, 3rd pass. Adding in the major breakdowns at this point. For my students, keep in mind how important Breakdowns are in animation. They are usually the most interesting and dynamic poses in your scene. They create the arcs, and offset the action in so many ways. Since they are in motion, they give you the power to drag things so everything is not moving at the same rate or time. They can favor in both the timing & the spacing, so that you can bring more texture into the movement of your scene. When you think of texture, think contrast. At this point I'm still using my reference, although I am exaggerating greatly and starting to alter my timing a bit. My poses are not set in stone as I move forward everything will be up for debate as I move out of stepped and start adding my slow-ins and moving holds, I'll be constantly tweaking my timing and the poses to get the feeling I'm going for with my character. It becomes a big wrestling match with those two very important things Timing & Spacing.

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