Monday, October 10, 2016

Moving forward

Ok, moving forward and reevaluating my animation. I jumped right in and started pushing this towards completion, rethought my camera and wanted to add more animation to the end instead of just having my character slide to a stop. This test is less about the animation and more about connecting the style and world I would like to create moving forward with my character & his world. So I only did a very quick thumbnail sketch to prepare, and then dove in. Stopping for a moment and focusing back on the animation, I couldn't stop myself from drawing over my animation and push my and finesse my animation exaggerating the poses and cleaning up the arcs, and staging. I would definitely suggest that students try using the grease pencil in maya to evaluate and quickly try out edits to their animation. Another thing drawing over your poses does is free you from the limitations of your rig. I'm not too concerned about hitting the exact pose, but I will get creative and do my best to push it more in this direction. Getting used to dealing with the limitations of your rig and how to creatively achieve the performance you want takes time and a good understanding of the principles of animation. Now, I'll go back and push my poses closer to my scribbles, and yes, scribbles are good simple and quick; they are only concerned with the over all motion and core performance.

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