Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pass, maybe 4, who really knows..........

Alright, I pushed forward and reworked my poses with the aid of the grease pencil sketches and then dove in and added some fun stuff for him to slide, hop, land and pose. Working for yourself, you tend to continue to add to your actions, at least I do and I'm sure many other artists would say the same. To me that is exploration and practice, that's where the growth takes place in you the artist. When you work on a production, or for students on a project for class, you should work closely with your director/ lead/ instructor and work to their directions. They are there for a reason and will help you make smart choices, adhere to requirements and focus on a workflow to get the job done quicker, with more focus & help you develop a workflow that will serve you in your career as well as your personal work. There is always room for your input and ideas even within the requirements of production and school assignments. I'll probably take another pass to finesse and smooth this out a bit. I had a fun time applying what I learned last month when I copied a piece of animation from Hotel Transylvania 2, a style of animation that I enjoy and would like to add some of that style to how I handle my character. Check that out on a previous post below on this blog.

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